The origins of Cockney Rhyming Slang are uncertain. It's not really a language since the words spoken are clearly English; on the other hand, it's not a dialect either, since the speakers of this slang are also perfectly capable of not using it! Some stories go that this slang originated in the market place so that the vendors could communicate without the customers knowing what was being said—you wouldn't want your customers knowing that you were going to lower your prices in ten minutes so you could go home early.
Slang Dictionary

What makes this list of slang different from the many others that are available on the internet is the examples of usage that are included for each word (and in some cases the origin)—not much point in knowing that iron means bank if you can't work it into a sentence, now is there? These files are quite large but all the words are presented on just one page so you don't need to click around to find the information you want. Please be patient while the tables load.

Slang Dictionary

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