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My name is Jeremy Alderton and I run the Cockney Rhyming Slang dictionary page.

What makes this list of slang different from the many others that are available on the web is the examples of usage (and sometime origins) that are included for each word - not much point in knowing that iron means bank if you can't work it into a sentence, now is there? You can search for words in the Slang dictionary table and use the "Money Slang" link for specific terms for relating to bread and honey. These files are quite large but all the words are presented on just one page so you don't need to click around to find the information you want. Please be patient while the tables load.

This list had rather humble beginnings but the many visitors to this site soon corrected that—wherever possible, their names have been included in the slang tables.

If you would like to add, modify or question information on these pages please send an email to

If you're submitting new slang please include all of the information you have, including an example of it being used in a sentence, where you heard it, and, if it's derived from a person's name (like Ruby Murray or Harry Rag), let me know a bit about who this person is/was so I can include it.

Not all submissions will appear on the page immediately. I'm trying to limit this page to phrases in common usage so, if I'm not familiar with an expression, I often wait until I get confirmation from another source.

Only use the link above to send me email to ensure your message doesn't get filtered out as spam. And please note that I will not open any email that has an attachment or contains a link to another site or that, by virtue of the sender, subject line or message content, may contain a virus or other malicious content.